Cool text generator / Logo generator free - Text Magic tool overview

Text Magic is a free cool text generator and logo generator that has two modes: Magic Mode and Simple Mode.

Magic Mode, the default mode of our home page, can help you generate cool text or design logos using a variety of fonts, options and parameters: custom background and texture images, text rotation, outline colouring, shadows, giving your text a shape other than usual straight line and, last but not least, two cool text effects: Metallic Text and Neon Glow.

If you don't need all the magic, take a look at our Simple Mode form, which can be more suitable for such tasks as generating a simple logo or text avatar, or converting text into an image to protect sensitive information (e. g. email addresses) from being collected by spam bots.

The generated images can be up to 4000x4000 pixels in size. Available output formats are PNG, JPG and GIF, with PNG providing the best image quality in most cases.

Here are some examples of what our cool text generator is capable of:

Metallic Text effect

Neon Glow effect

Cool Company logo

You can see more examples on this page, with detailed lists of parameters and options used.